Guide for iPhone monitoring

Welcome to TeensecurePro complete guide for iPhone monitoring. Proceed step by step for successful working.

Step 1:
Enter your Teensecure Pro account, using login details sent to you by us:


Now you have entered into your control panel, proceed further.

Step2: Setup target iPhone

To start monitoring an iPhone without jailbreak, few conditions need to be met:

  • iCloud backup of target iPhone should be enabled

    Not sure? Enter into target iPhone Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup. Turn on iCloud Backup, if it is off.


  •  You should know iCloud credentials of target iPhone
    Both conditions met? Proceed to Next step.

Step 3: Use iCloud credentials

Fill in iCloud Username and Password of target iPhone in the fields below.

Note: Carefully enter iCloud credentials of target iPhone, not yours. Once filled cannot be changed.

Step 4: Choose target iPhone

Choose the iPhone that you want to track from the following list and proceed.


Step 5: Target device has been selected


Step 6: Fill in Target iPhone details

Kindly fill Phone name and Phone number(optional) of target iPhone.

Note: Phone name can be any, such as target person’s name like “John”, target iPhone version like “iPhone 5, 6” etc.

Step 6: Process completed!!


Thanks. Now you are ready to monitor target iPhone. You will start receiving all information of target iPhone, shortly.
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