TeensecurePro presents you a package of unique features that will be really useful to you. Getting these features from our competitors, at the price we offer, is just impossible. We actually care for the parents and that they are able to afford it and can protect their teens or child from fraudsters either its online bullying, sexting, or other involvement in illegal activities. This is the reason for the lowest price of our child monitoring software. All these features let you to look into all data of the target phone, without touching it.

Open your control panel, click on the feature and the relevant information will be open to you. The list of the features has been presented here. Just have a look:

Text Messages

You have full power to look into all the text messages, sent or received by the target phone. Read the content along with the sender’s and receiver’s information.

Keyword Filtering

This feature is really amazing. It was actually introduced to help the user to filter out the suspicious messages from the bulk messages using some keyword.

Call Logs

Use this feature to see all the call logs of the target person including the details of the caller, receiver and time duration.

Phonebook Contacts

Look into all the contacts stored in the target phone - phone number, name and other associated details.

Facebook Messages

No need to know the facebook login details of the target person. Just go to your Teensecurepro account and click on this feature, it will show you all messages sent or received by the target user through his/her facebook account.

Whatsapp Chats

This feature lets you read all the whatsapp chats carried out by the target user with complete information of the sender or receiver.

Viber Chats

Look into all the chats held by the target user via his/her viber account with the help of this exclusive viber chats reader feature. You may find something informative.

GPS Tracker

Locate the target user’s exact location using this feature. Check where they are roaming with their cell phone by just clicking on this button.

Geo Fencing

Use this feature to fence the target mobile virtually, so that whenever he/she crosses the boundary, you will get an instant message.

Read Messages

This is the best feature among all and nobody else will offer you. Target person may delete some messages from his/her phone, if being bullied or blackmailed by someone.

Web History

Sometimes, it really becomes important to see what kind of stuff or sites have been visited by the target user and this feature helps you to check all their web history including the sites visited or content viewed.

View Photos

Use this feature to check out all the photos stored in the target phone. Target user may flaunt on social media sites using these photos or exchange them with stranger.

Skype Reader

Skype chats are very common source of communication that most of the people use. So, this feature allows you to track all skype messages and other details associated with skype account of the target person.

Email Tracker

View all sent and received emails of the target person via his gmail account. Just click on this button and the emails will be visible to you with sender and receiver detail.

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