1. What is Teensecurepro? Spy master Pro Is the most advanced Cell Phone Spying Software in the world that will allow you to track calls, messages, phone book, emails, whatsapp, viber, facebook and many more of any cell phone.

2. How difficult is it to Install Teensecurepro? Installing Spymaster Pro Is easy as it only takes few minutes and the instructions we send you are very clear on how to install it step by step. Find out more about in this section, How to Install.

3. Does Spy Master Pro Works in my Country? Spy master Pro will work In any country on the world except in continental China

4. How Spymaster Pro Work? First off all check that the targeted cell phone is compatible with Teensecurepro in Our Compatibility Section here. After that visit here for How Teensecurepro Work.

5. Do I need to make any changes in my cell phone ? No, your mobile set will not require any modification and the software won’t interrupt with the phone’s working.

6. What is the technology behind this under cover agent – Teensecurepro software? The software works in action, without any interruption and stores each and every second in an XML sheet on the server. Through this XML sheet, the necessary and related information is updated in your account which you can check anytime. You will get your account details that is, a unique license number,username and password to manage the user’s area after making your payment.

7. In case I have any queries, where shall I contact you ? We are working 24*7 for you ,and you can contact us here :

8. After I make payment, how will I get the software ? Once the payment has been made, Teensecurepro can be instantly downloaded. Teensecurepro is a digital product that is it will not be delivered at your doorstep as any physical product will be, but you will have to download and install it in case of Android phone.

9. Will my credit card detail show that I have made a payment to Teensecurepro ? No, Your credit card or bank statement will not mention it .

10. What is the cost of upgrading the software ? In case we upgrade the software in future, we would not charge any upgradation fees as you are already registered with us.

11. Will the target phone come to know whether I have installed software on it ? No, the software is completely non traceable and will go totally unidentified by the target cell phone keeper. Our Software is 100% stealth.

12. In case the phone is iPhone, and is not jail broken will I be able to install the software on it? The target phone doesn’t need to be Jailbroken neither it requires software installation. You just need the iCloud credentials of the target user iPhone. Spymaster Pro is compatible with iOS version 9 and up-to 10.3.1.

13. What if I do not know the iCloud credentials? ICloud credentials are mandatory. Without the information of iCloud credentials you cannot track iPhone information. Teensecurepro collect all the information from iCloud backup and show it to you.

14. What should I do if iCloud backup of target iPhone is not enabled? If iCloud backup is not enabled, you can enable it. Go to iCloud>> Backup and enable it on target phone.

15. How long will it take to receive information of the target iphone in my account ? Once you fill the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone in your account, it will take around 36-48 hours to get complete information of the target iPhone.

16. Can I change iCloud credentials in my Teensecurepro iPhone account ? No, once you fill any iCloud credentials in an account, you cannot change it. Also, if you wish to use any other iCloud credentials then you have to buy new subscription. Refund cannot be processed for any such reason like “I put my own iCloud credentials in account by mistake.” You have to buy new subscription if you wish to use any new iCloud credentials.

17. Can I use Teensecurepro iPhone account to monitor multiple iPhone? No, you can monitor only one target iPhone with one iPhone account. Also, please be cautious while entering iCloud credentials because you can use only one iCloud credential which cannot be changed later. You have to buy new iPhone subscription to monitor another iPhone account.

18. Am I eligible for refund in case I want to monitor iPhone but I purchased Teensecurepro for Android by mistake? No, refund will not be processed in this case. Make sure you buy exactly what you want. Take your full time and if you have any query you can contact our support team before placing an order. But once you bought the software you will not be refunded. Therefore, now you can link any target Android phone with your Android subscription to avail all the features offered by Teensecurepro.

19. What if I am not happy with the software after I have purchased it ? You can email us your problem and if we are unable to solve the matter or the software does not work on the target phone accordingly, then your money will be refunded.

20. Does Teensecurepro Work With Any type of cell Phone ? Yes, Teensecurepro Works with every type of cell phone. Pre-check the following points before purchasing Teensecurepro :- 1.) Cell Phone compatibility with Teensecurepro software, check it here. 2.) Internet Access on the targeted cell phone.

21. What type of payment methods do you accept ? You can purchase Teensecurepro by using any International Debit Card, Credit Card and PayPal.

22. What information will I be able to Monitor with the Whatsapp feature for Android devices? Teensecurepro allows you to see Group chat, sent and received messages. You can see these all detail in spymaster Pro Whatsapp section through login .

23. Which Facebook activities I will able to See by Teensecurepro ? Teensecurepro version tracks all sent and received messages through Facebook messenger

24. Which Viber activities I will be able to see by this Spy Software ? Teensecurepro tracks the sent and received messages , group chat messages and incoming and going call details over Viber.

25. What is your refund policy ? Please read the refund policy and conditions by clicking here.

26. What is the duration of the subscription ? Do i need to renew the subscription ? The software can be purchased for one cellphone, and the maximum duration of the tracking service is 1 year. After that if you still wish to continue with the tracking service, you will have to purchase a new subscription or renew it. **If you renew the subscription before it get expire, then you need not Install it again. But, if you renew the subscription after it gets expire you will have to install the software again. NOTE For Android Phone : You can change the target device as many times you want FREE OF COST but at a time you can monitor only one device.

27. What is the process of installing Teensecurepro on other Smartphones ? The process for all the smartphones is similar as that of Android Installation, visit here for more information on installation.

28. Do I need to root the target Android phone? Yes, rooting is necessary for target Android phone in case you want to access the Pro features of Teensecurepro. Rooting process is very easy and safe to use. The target phone user would never realize that the phone is being rooted.

29. Is WhatsApp Spy Software different from your spyware ? No, Teensecurepro is a software package, that includes WhatsApp Spying as well. WhatsApp Spying is one of the feature of our spying tools, therefore by purchasing Teensecurepro’s advanced version you get to spy not only WhatsApp, but also other apps such as Facebook and Viber.

30. What if I face any problem related to iCloud ? If you face any problem while using Teensecurepro for iPhone like iCloud login issues, you may have to make minor changes in target iPhone settings. For further instructions, feel free to contact our customer support team via or catch us at Live chat on our website.

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