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Author - Swati Mago | Published - August 19, 2017

With the introduction of cell phones to our society, we have the facility to access any information spontaneously with one touch. However, with certain benefits, it has many disadvantages too, especially for teenagers. As we know that adolescents are more prone to improper acts, they can access inap

Author - Navjot Kaur | Published - July 7, 2017

Like any other modern-day parent, do you too receive negative vibes when your teen is monumentally tapping over his/ her smartphone? Surveys and many top recognized global agencies have put forth, Facebook, the popular social media platform is a best place for anti-social society to carry out malpra

Author - Navjot Kaur | Published - July 4, 2017

In this digital era, there is a lot of trouble for your smartphone hooked kid, right from cyber bullying over social media networks such as the Facebook, to child abusing through popular chat messengers like the Whatsapp. But, fortunately, with the emergence of child monitoring software, parenting c

Author - Navjot Kaur | Published - February 17, 2017

A decade ago, most families shared desktop computers which made it easy for parents to stay aware of their child’s internet activities. But now we have phones, tablets, laptops, gadgets that require internet connections at all times. Children as young as 7 year olds learn to operate electronic dev

Author - Navjot Kaur | Published - February 8, 2017

Are you worried your child stays up late at nights? Seeks privacy using homework and studies as justification? But what are the chances she is just using her cellphone to text, surf internet or just stay active on social media platform? Truth is anyone can be distracted by technology these days, the

Author - Aakshi Sharma | Published - February 1, 2017

In today’s world, it is almost impossible to restrict your kids from social media as it became a part of their leisure activity. Although, it helps up to connect with the outer world but we may not know either it is good or threat for us. So what to do now? Most of us have … Read More

Author - Navjot Kaur | Published - January 27, 2017

We all have heard about the scientific fact- hormonal changes, which leads to mood swings and physical effects. Children, when reach their teenage, automatically get attracted towards opposite sex. Moreover, when they have an unrestricted access to the internet applications, they are more likely to

Author - Aakshi Sharma | Published - January 16, 2017

Teenage life is a very crucial and root stage of every human being. If children in this age get indulge into bad activities, their future will probably get in danger which may lead to juvenile delinquency.In order to avoid this, parents should consider taking certain steps. However,one step is to se

Author - Navjot Kaur | Published - January 12, 2017

With technology encasing every human across the globe, it’s no surprise that today’s generation has got itself labeled as the “iGeneration”. Though it has made lives easy for some, others have found a way to misuse it. Bullying is not restricted to schools, colleges and streets. It has taken

Author - Navjot Kaur | Published - January 9, 2017

Getting pregnant at teen age is quite common. Of course, no parents want to see their little angel bearing a pressure of another kid at the age when she cannot even handle herself properly. Teenage is an important phase of life when girl actually learns about the social values and lessons of life. B

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