Android Installation Guide

Welcome to Teensecure Pro’s Android installation guide page. We assume that you’ve already received the welcome email in your account and that your purchase has been confirmed. If you have direct access to the Android phone that you want to monitor, then keep the email ready at your disposal, because it contains the details which are important in order to install the software.

NOTE: This installation is applicable only after purchasing the software.

Android Installation Guide

To install Teensecure Pro in the Android phone, go through the following installation guide.

Step 1

From the cell phone’s menu, go to the “Settings” options. Then from the menu, go to the “Security” option, and click “Unknown sources”. Don’t forget to enable the “Unknown sources” option as shown below, else the software won’t be installed properly.


Step 2

Now open the web browser of the target’s Android phone and enter and click on Go.


Step 3

The application will start downloading. You can check the download progress by pulling the notification bar of the target device.


Step 4

After the download gets completed. Click on sm.apk by pulling down the notification center from the target device.


Step 5

After that you will see System Process permission request, tap Next.


Step 6

You will see one more System Process permission request, tap Next.


Step 7

After that click on install to start installation process.


Step 8

Wait for the Teensecure Pro to be installed.


Step 9

Tap on open after the application gets installed.


Step 10

Tap continue to complete the installation.

android spy installation

Step 11

Tap on Accept to accept the terms and conditions to use the software.


Step 12

Now it will show you two options. Either you want to show the icon or hide the icon. If you want to hide Teensecure Pro icon click on icon is useless. I don’t need it.


Step 13

After that enter the registration code that will be provided in your control panel.


Step 14

Tap Activate allowing the SystemTask to perform certain operations. With this, Teensecure Pro gets installed on the android phone of the target person.


Once the software has been installed in the target Android phone, you can go to your dashboard to login and access the information. However, the software requires some time to integrate with the dashboard, and it will take some time to show you the entire information in the dashboard.

FAQ About Android Installation

1. Do I need to connect the target Android phone with a PC while installation?

No, you don’t need to connect the target Android phone with a PC for installation.

2. Does Teensecure Pro depend on internet for passing on the information?

Yes, Teensecure Pro needs an internet connection on the host phone in order to pass on the information to your dashboard.

3. Does installation process needs internet as well?

The Android phone needs internet so that the email could be accessed and .apk file could be downloaded.

4. Does installation process of Teensecure Pro need a SIM?

No, the only requirement while the installation process of Teensecure Pro is an internet connection.

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