About Us

Teensecure Pro is a new age app brought to you by the specialists of high-tech world. It is an amazing child monitoring software that encloses abundant features at a very affordable price. The main objective of this software is to protect your teens in their developing stage from diabolical impact of unfamiliar world. Nowadays, we consistently hear of several cases of cyber bullying, internet frauds, oppressive blackmailing and sexting which must be detected immediately. Additionally, parents of older teens who are more likely to engage in sexting must stay aware of their kids' activities.

Teensecure Pro comes to aid of concerned parents by introducing various features to monitor both android and iPhone devices. Using these features, parents can remotely observe their child's every minute action at their convenience. Children will have no idea about any such secret supervision as this software works in hidden manner.

Last but not the least, Teensecure Pro team is ever ready to assist parents by the virtue of 24 * 7 support. It assures 100% safety and co-operation.
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